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  1. Careercake secures over £300,000 in latest round of funding


    Online learning platform re-brands to help employees “Power Up” their career development   Careercake has secured over £300,000 in its latest funding round. The round has been led by existing investor the Development Bank of Wales, with additional funding from a consortium of angels including Sunnybarn Investments founded by entrepreneur Phil Buck. Careercake aims to […]

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  2. 4 Things to Do in your Last Year at Uni


    The final year is looming for many undergraduates and with it comes the inevitable pressure of “what on earth am I going to do after university?!”. I, like many other students I’m sure, spent a large proportion of my 2nd year debating various post-uni options and career paths. I felt an increasing sense of urgency […]

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  3. 5 Takeways from the NUEs


    Recently we attended the ninth NUE awards, hosted by Rate My Placement, recognising the fantastic work carried out by placement and careers teams, commercial businesses and of course, the students themselves. A few of the Careercake team attended, along with Careercake expert (and all-round fantastic person) Jacqui Lloyd of Citi Bank, where we got to […]

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  4. 3 New Manager Tips When starting a New Job

    Career Development

    Managing a team is a goal that many junior professionals have. But being responsible for multiple people’s performance and development can be challenging if you don’t have access to the right new manager tips.   I started managing a team in my mid-twenties, and despite studying management at university and having lots of experience mentoring, […]

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  5. Content Update | Dec 2017

    Careercake Platform News

    This year we’ve worked really hard to understand what it is you are looking for from our videos. Having had the pleasure of talking to you we could see there was a number of pain points many of you face when it comes to the job application process but also when it comes to settling in […]

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  6. 25 careers in one year


    What age should you be when you decide your career path?  How many careers is it ‘ok’ to have?  Who says you need to have it all worked out?  Some people don’t know what they want to do until they are in the 20s, 30s, 40s… even 50s. And navigating the path to the right […]

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  7. What to do if you want to change career

    Career Development, Career planning

    Q: ‘I’ve been working in customer service for a while now but I realise that I want to go into more of a marketing account manager role. I have tried a few interviews but I keep being told I don’t have the agency experience to do the job. What I am I doing wrong?’ A: […]

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  8. ‘I’ve finished my graduate programme…’


    Life after a structured graduate training programme. After the elation of landing yourself a graduate job after university, it can be difficult to plan ahead when your fixed training programme comes to an end. I remember finishing my graduate programme at BT, and wondering what the next official ‘career stage’ was. I had dutifully completed […]

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  9. ‘Should I tell the interviewer my current salary?’

    Interviews, Job Hunt Advice

    ‘Hi Aimee, I have an interview coming up for a job I really want. When I applied for the role there was a salary range and my current salary was bang in the middle. I want the job but I also really want to increase my salary. Should the question come up in the interview […]

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