Update to the Careercake service | April 2021

Update to the Careercake service | April 2021

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Hi Careercake community, 

We’ve got a really important update to share with you regarding Careercake. 

Let’s jump straight into it. 

We’re going to be phasing out individual subscriptions by May 2021. 

We’re making a number of important changes to Careercake over the next few months. One of those changes is the decision to stop individual subscriptions to the platform. 

This means if you watch Careercake courses using an individual subscription (i.e. you have not been given access by an organisation), you will not be able to sign up for and watch courses from May 10th 2021*. 

We don’t want to leave you with no support, so we’ve made sure to put in place a number of tools to help you in the interim.

From Tuesday 13th April: 

  • Have a month on us: Free access to Careercake until May 10th 2021
  • Watch a selection of our courses on our YouTube channel. Just visit to see the courses we have unlocked.
  • Watch our content on LinkedIn Learning – just search ‘Careercake’

What does it mean for you?

We’re going to give all individual subscribers free access to the entire Careercake library, from Tuesday 13th April until May 10th 2021. 

That means you can create an account and watch the 100+ titles we’ve got to offer at no cost. If you’re already a subscriber, it means that you can log back in and watch the content for free.


What happens after May 10th 2021? 

You will not be able to access any Careercake videos and courses on our platform (Careercake.com). But of course you can watch some of our content on our YouTube channel and on LinkedIn Learning. 

All account holders will be contacted with further information on the closure of accounts.


How do I tell if I’m an individual subscriber? 

You will have signed up for a free trial, and may have gone on to pay £19.99 each month for access, depending on if you went on to pay for continued access. 

Note: This is different to subscribers who have been gifted access by their university, employer or building society. You will still have access via your organisation’s subscription. 

To recap, from May 11th you can access Careercake’s content on both YouTube and via our content distribution partnership with LinkedIn Learning. 


Thank you,

Aimee Bateman, Founder and CEO. 


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