Careercake Wins Best Employment Advice Website at the NORAs

Careercake Wins Best Employment Advice Website at the NORAs

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Careercake has Won Best Employment Advice Website at the National Online Recruitment Awards 

Talk to today’s learners in the way they want to be spoken to, about the topics they really care about and they’ll achieve incredible things

Careercake has been awarded Best Employment Advice website at the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs).    

The NORAs is the only awards dedicated to the continual improvement and evolution of the candidate-experience. It recognised us as the winner within its category for its provision of authentic advice designed to help people take on the challenges they’ll face within the recruitment process and within the workplace.  

Careercake has developed a reputation for its content that supports users to overcome the ‘firsts’ they will experience in the workplace. The win is a great result for the business that has users in 40 countries and counts names such as LinkedIn Learning amongst its partners. 

A national award voted for by the users

The greatest thing about winning this award is that it was voted for by the users themselves

“Since its inception, Careercake has been 100% focused on the audience”, says Aimee Bateman, CEO/Founder of Careercake. “Every title within our 100+ library was requested by the user; every video is presented by experts who’ve experienced first hand the problem they’re talking about.

“Today’s learners want authenticity, not generic advice that doesn’t speak to them or acknowledge what can be a really stressful and vulnerable time for them. 

“I hear from viewers who tell me our content helps them to develop the confidence needed to take on the ‘firsts’ they face – whether that’s how to run their first meeting, make their first move into management or pluck up the courage to give feedback to a boss. 

“Talk to today’s learners in the way they want to be spoken to, about the topics they really care about and they’ll achieve incredible things”.

A startup taking on the big names

“To be a startup included in a finalist roster with global names is incredible. It shows we’re speaking to our audience in a way they want to be spoken to and they’re pleased with what we’re delivering” says Lucy Heskins, Marketing Director. 

“Careercake content isn’t your run of the mill careers advice – our users wouldn’t put up with that. They want advice on the topics that really affect them but that also acknowledges the emotional side of going for a new job and making the best impression at a new business. 

“We’ll continue to uphold the great work the NORAs do by striving to deliver a great experience for the end user, whether they’re a job seeker or employee”.  


Careercake counts awesome names including Nationwide, LinkedIn Learning and Give a Grad a Go amongst its partners. If you’re interested in learning how we can support your members or employees contact us at

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