How do I stop my boss micromanaging me? (Video)

How do I stop my boss micromanaging me? (Video)

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A boss or line manager who micromanages you can really impact how you feel about your job.

It’s an extra level of stress that you don’t need, and if you’re new to working from home, you may have noticed it’s gotten even worse recently.

We asked our community: what’s the biggest challenge getting in the way of you being productive at the moment?

We anticipated that the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and the knock-on effect it has had by turning people’s working lives upside down would feature high on the list.

And it did.

But the most common challenge coming through from our viewers was how to deal with a boss who won’t stop micromanaging them.

Any of these sound oddly familiar?

“My boss expects me to check in with her every hour”

“I worked late to finish a project that my manager said was really important, and then they didn’t even both acknowledging me when I’d finished”

“I was given a task and when I ‘took too long’, they took it back and said it was easier if they’d done it in the first place”

“I’m already a manager, but I’m surprised I still have to ask for permission to do anything new”

“The amount of times I’ve thought to myself, my boss doesn’t trust me – so why bother?”


To help our community navigate this situation, and learn how to reduce this micromanaging, we enlisted the help of Tim Roberts as part of our new YouTube series.

He’s an expert on coaching and leadership, not to mention he has a great course on the principles of coaching so it’s fair to say, he knows his stuff.

Here’s his interview with Aimee, our CEO, on this very subject:

How do I stop my boss micromanaging me? Watch


For more videos, check out our YouTube channel where we’ll be releasing a series of workplace challenges – video interviews based on questions YOU’VE asked us!


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