Is there employee burnout in your workplace?

Is there employee burnout in your workplace?

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Here’s a few ways to identify if there is employee burnout in your workplace. 

Do any of the following sound familiar? 

Maybe morale is low. Like, really low. 

Your team is unengaged. You’ve tried shaking things up, but the truth is, you’re struggling as well. 

They’re less confident in their performance. They’re less interested in talking about their performance. 

These are just a few examples of symptoms of burnout, which may be the underlying cause why you’re finding it tough to engage them, even for short bursts. 

The line between home and work has become blurred. People are working longer hours; they’re struggling to switch off. Yes, working from home has presented a range of benefits, but let’s not forget how it can contribute to burnout.

So, what is burnout?

These are some symptoms to look out for if there’s employee burnout in your workplace: 

  • The feeling of always being tired
  • Resentment towards tasks or projects 
  • The inability to think creatively 
  • A loss of purpose: do you really want this job?

For more symptoms, check out the BBC’s guide on how to spot if you are suffering from burnout. 

The current situation has only made issues like burnout worse.

Strained relationships over Slack, a lack of breaks, heightened emotions, job cuts – there’s a whole list of reasons which may have led to some of your team feeling this way.

Pre-COVID, employees in this situation were 2 times more likely to quit and find new employment. Now, however, the current job market and job security are forcing them to remain in these conditions which presents a problem.

Added to this, there’s still a reluctance to take holiday or breaks because they don’t see it as a ‘real holiday’. 

The result? Disengaged teams, poor retention rates, lower productivity. 

Burnout in the words of employees:

Here’s a list of statements from the Careercake community who identify as having burnout, ask yourself if any sound familiar within your teams. 

“I work from home in my bedroom; which means I spend 16 hours a day in one room”
“I’m getting snappy”
“There’s so much pressure on me”
“I’m struggling to focus and come up with good ideas”
“I can’t remember the last time I took some time off and switched off my work emails”

Why it’s up to YOU to do something about it.  

Burnout is really about your business, your culture and how you treat your teams. 

In these times, people need a leader and a clear understanding of what’s going on in the environment that’s leading to this. They also need a business with a well throughout approach to wellbeing to support employees. 

According to Gallup, there are five main causes for employee burnout:

  1. Unreasonable time pressure 
  2. Lack of communication and support from a manager. 
  3. Lack of role clarity 
  4. Unmanageable workload 
  5. Unfair treatment – could be micro management, unfair compensation

Questions to ask yourself:
(Buckle up, it requires you to be really honest).

Why do my staff feel as though they have to work so many hours?
What do they need to start to feel less pressured?
Is it because we don’t keep to promises / our word?
Have you got things/initiatives in place to motivate them?
Do you offer the chance to push their skill set?
Do they have the chance to talk with others?
Are you making them take their time off?
Are you showing the right example by not contacting the office on your days off?


These are just a few questions to understand if there’s employee burnout in your workplace. It’s all about asking the right questions and letting your teams speak. Make sure you create an environment where they’re comfortable being honest. 



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