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  1. Want to start a business? Just do it! – An introduction to Effectuation


    Who do you think of when you hear the word entrepreneur?  Richard Branson? Steve Jobs? Bill Gates, perhaps?  Visionary titans of business, arguably more famous than the innovative products and services they created. Indeed, the cult of personality surrounding some of today’s heroes of business has made starting a company rather trendy-another string to add […]

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  2. Advice I Wish I’d Shared With My First Intern

    Job Hunt Advice, Work Placements

    Lessons from a manager who wants you to get the most out of your work placement. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a mixture of interns, new graduates and placement students. Overall, they’ve been great, brought so much to the companies I’d been working for, and tested me as a manager. […]

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  3. What is mindfulness? Q&A with Diana Brook

    Career Development

    Interested in what mindfulness can do for you and your career? We recently welcomed Diana Brook to the list of growing Careercake experts. Here, we interview Diana to learn about what is mindfulness, and why it can positively impact your work and personal life. An Interview with Mindfulness expert, Diana Brook. Careercake (CC): Hi Diana, […]

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  4. 3 difficult employability lessons I learned from university

    Graduates, Job Hunt Advice

    With competition for graduate jobs being incredibly tough, and an increased emphasis of what you get for your cash from your uni experience – graduate employability is, and will always be, a hot topic. Yet, not everyone has the option of going home after finishing university, and drawing funds from the ‘bank of Mum and […]

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  5. Recruiters’ Top 5 CV Pet Peeves

    CV writing advice, Job Hunt Advice

    Recruiters and employers see hundreds, if not thousands, of CVs every week. We all know that CVs are commonly used in the first stage of the application process or for speculative searches. If you know that your CV is up against so much competition, it begs the question – why are so many people making […]

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  6. The best career development advice I’ve ever been given

    Career Development

    You will spend the majority of your adult life in work. That’s a slightly scary thought, isn’t it?  When you think the average age someone retires is in their mid 60s  – it seems odd that people neglect to think about how to make the most from their career. Which begs the question: if you spend […]

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  7. 3 Tips For Managing Your Personal Brand

    Personal Branding

    My Top Tips For Managing Your Personal Brand  I know it’s a cliché, but when it comes to job searching, standing out from the crowd is so important. When you hear about employers receiving, on average, up to 90 CVs for one job, you need to find ways to stand out from the other 89 […]

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  8. Some Pretty Exciting News

    Careercake Platform News

    Careercake Platform Update I wanted to spend a few minutes to talk to you and tell you about the new platform update to Careercake, not to mention some of the developments we’ve got planned this month. I’ve also created a video around this, you can watch this here or skip below for the detailed text […]

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  9. How to Write a Business Plan. (Getting Started Checklist).

    Running a Business

    If you’re starting out, it’s incredibly useful to write a business plan. Not only does it provide you with a blueprint for your business and help drive your activity towards your goals, but if you’re going for a loan or investment, the lender will expect to see one. Business plans aren’t meant to be a […]

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