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  1. What should I call my business?

    Branding, Entrepreneurs

    Coming up with a new business name is really hard. It’s easy to overthink it. It’s easy to get too many people involved. But deciding upon a name that will represent you and your business long-term can be tough. Think about the greats; they all had to start somewhere. They needed to start somewhere too. […]

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  2. How do I ask for a pay rise?

    Career Development

    Asking for a pay rise. It can be one of those really awkward moments in your career. It’s a situation whereby you are ‘telling’ your boss that they may not have noticed the extra work you are doing, and they may not realise you are feeling a little neglected. It’s also a situation where you’ve […]

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  3. 3 Pieces of Advice to Follow When Attending an Assessment Centre


    Assessment days are great. They are an incredibly effective selection method that allows a company to really monitor your behaviour, test your intelligence and in some cases, predict successful performance in a future job. Assessment centre days are becoming so popular in the recruitment process, so I think it’s important for people to understand what […]

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  4. 5 lessons they don’t tell you when setting up a business


    If you’re interested in learning about starting a business, you’ll see there’s a bit of theme prevalent in anything you read. It’s going to be tough. Advice books will tell you that it’s going to be really hard. Seminars will tell you, ‘to go for it’! whilst also reminding about the number of businesses that […]

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  5. 5 Happiness Hacks: How to Increase your Levels of Fulfiment in your Job 


    We spend the majority of our adult lives at work in the UK. Within this time, we’ll have been involved in a lot of experiences. Promotions, job changes, pay cuts, pay rises, office socials… that’s a lot of ‘stuff’ for us to put our mind to. More often than not, it can spill into personal lives […]

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  6. 3 Mistakes People Make in Interviews (And How to Overcome Them)


    I take a huge amount of pride in providing the best possible environment for someone to shine and show me who they really are in an interview. Within my role as a recruiter and now, as CEO of Careercake, I feel a huge responsibility to make sure I ‘bring it’ when interviewing people and by ‘it’ […]

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