Why has my imposter syndrome got worse? (Video)

Why has my imposter syndrome got worse? (Video)

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Mental health

Sitting in your room; working alone in silence. 

Email responses or Slack notifications from colleagues are coming in, but they seem… blunt.

Your boss has gone quiet. Like, really quiet. 

“Have I done something wrong?” “Why aren’t I hearing from people?” “Why are they talking to me so abruptly?” “Is it because I am going to lose my job?”

Uh-oh, that ugly inner critic is starting to get louder.

Working from home can foster the feelings of imposter syndrome, and it seems for some it’s getting worse. 

Why has my imposter syndrome got worse?

The inner critic that was telling your star performers they’re not good enough is getting louder. 

We asked our viewers: ‘what’s your biggest challenge at the moment?’. There were themes of micro-management, a loss of purpose and money worries. But one of the biggest was around mental health and dealing with the pressure they put on themselves.

We’re already aware that a large proportion of those early in their careers experience imposter syndrome through our findings in millennials in the workplace. What they’re telling us now, is remote working is making it worse. 

We interviewed Bethan Davies about this very subject. Bethan, who coaches people to make braver decisions, spoke to Aimee as part of our latest YouTube series about ways to check in with your colleagues and silence that inner critic. 

Want to learn how to help your team?

Imposter syndrome doesn’t just impact the individual, it can have a negative effect on team morale, the ability to manage and business performance. If you’re in a leadership or management role, take some time to learn more.


Let’s Talk Imposter Syndrome with Bethan Davies (open to watch the trailer)

Ways imposter syndrome can manifest in your team from the Muse

The Bravest Path – Bethan and Gareth Davies organisation that helps teams to develop courage.

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