6 Part Process to Effective Delegation

With Aimee Bateman

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Delegating can be pretty tricky. Whilst it looks easy, getting it right is actually difficult for some new managers. Let Aimee show you how to master delegation through her proven steps to help you become more productive and effective in your role.


    Identify which tasks to delegate
    Identify which members of your team are right for the job
    Understand and apply the six steps of delegation to get the right outcome
    Understand how to embrace the right delegation mindset to learn how to delegate effectively.

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Hi I’m Aimee Bateman and in this short insight course, we are going to be looking at delegation.

Now you might have thought to yourself in the past, I’ll just do it myself. I can’t ask him because he’ll hate me for asking so I won’t. Or, I know it only takes ten minutes and it’ll take ten minutes to explain it so I’ll just do it myself.

Now, I know that these things will sound familiar to you if you are a manager or if you have any leadership responsibilities because delegating isn’t easy, but people think that it is. It’s assumed that by giving people activities to free up our day, that it’s all very straight forward.

Now, we know the benefits of doing that, but there is a common misconception that the process is easy and it really isn’t. There are control issues. There are communication issues. People will just say, get Lucy to do it or ask John to crack on with that. It’s not that simple. Because being able to delegate something is challenging, if we want to have a good outcome. So in this course we are going to look at, embracing a delegating mindset, but most importantly a six step process to ensure effective delegation.

I know that if you are watching this course, that you are a manager or a new leader and you get the benefits of delegation. We are not going to go into that. This short insight course is to help you get a good outcome. This is your six-part process to effective delegation.