Accessing the Hidden Job Market

With Aimee Bateman

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It's claimed that the hidden job market makes up around 80% of open vacancies. But if it's hidden how can you access it? Let Aimee show you how to tap into new networks, get the attention of hiring managers and charge your job hunting strategy.


    • understand what the hidden jobs market is
    • identify what it is you are selling
    • learn tools and techniques to get you noticed
    • use social media to connect with employers
    • discover new opportunities. 

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Hi guys! My name is Aimee Bateman, I am the founder of Careercake and for 15 years I have worked in careers and recruitment. In this course, I am going to talk to you about the hidden job market. Now that’s a term that’s often used to describe roles that are not actually advertised to the general public.  

If you were to do a search online you would find thousands of articles suggesting that the hidden job market accounts for around 70/80% of recruitment.  

That’s figure has been bandied around for a very long time, and I always think it’s a bit debatable as it’s a hidden job market so how do quantify it. There are so many articles and surveys completed on this exact subject.  

There is a huge huge percentage of people that are recruited via non-traditional routes and that’s for a variety of reasons.  It is not uncommon for those recruiting to comb their own network, ask for referrals, look at CVs and applications that are already on file and maybe to look internally.  There are many avenues for an employer to find their ideal candidate and many do not start with posting a job advert.

There are reasons why recruiters do this. They might be a small business and they not have the budget to advertise. They might prefer to work with people they know of. My first 2 hires at Careercake were people that I already had in my network. People I knew, I trusted, I’d developed a relationship with and this is true for so many hiring managers.

But when it comes to finding work what do we do?  We jump online, go straight to the job boards. We scour through local and national press. We identify employers that we think we’d really like to work for and we go onto their website and then we go to their careers pages or their jobs pages and we have a little look to see what they are promoting or advertising.  We spend 100% of our time looking for maybe just 30% of opportunities.  That is madness and we need to be more creative.

I don’t want you to that passive jobseeker, the one that waits for that vacancies to appear and then they send their CV in.  I want you to take the initiative. I want you to be really really proactive. I want people to find you, to want to meet with you. There’s that old saying – “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” but that is rubbish! No way it’s who knows you!

This course will show you exactly how to tap into this hidden job market and find those awesome opportunities.

So, let’s get started.