Become a Super-Collaborator

With Debbie Danon & Yasmeen Akhtar


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Being a super-collaborator is more than just team work: it's an attitude you adopt that can transform both your and your organisation's success. Let Debbie and Yasmeen introduce you to this powerful concept and how it can take your career to another level.

Watch this video to learn how to create the mindset of a super-collaborator, understand the 10 proven strategies that will help you get there, and how to develop a new way of working with others. 


    • Embrace a collaborative mindset
    • Practice the 10 proven habits of Super-Collaborator
    • Harness collaboration to power your career goals

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I’m Yasmeen Akhtar, I’m Co-Founder and Director of TrustLab and an expert on developing leadership and inclusion.

Over the last 10 years I have supported 500 amazing leaders to achieve major success in their careers. People I have worked with have gone onto become Chief Executives, Politicians, and International Journalists.

What I’m really proud of is the diversity of the people I’ve worked with, 100s of nationalities and languages, coming from different cultures, religions and social backgrounds. I believe everyone, with no exception deserves an equal shot at success.

My teams at work have always had 100% of my commitment towards their development because I take, what I call ‘Project Me’ very seriously, and I think you must too because you’re here and investing in yourself and in your career.

This year I took a leap of faith and launched a company with Debbie, we provide cutting edge solutions to diversity, inclusion, and leadership and what we’re talking to you about today is at the heart of our approach.

And I’m Debbie Danon, and I’m a trainer, coach, and leadership development expert. I was one of the ‘founding five’ of what is now a leading interfaith charity, Three Faiths Forum.

I’ve led many teams, including the training team within a boutique learning and development consultancy, which helps apprentices, interns, graduates and managers at leading companies to unlock their talents at work

And now, I’m working with Yasmeen at TrustLab, helping people and organisations become more inclusive

For me, the ultimate goal of inclusion work is enabling people to recognise and appreciate the unique gifts and perspectives each of us brings and ensuring we are all doing everything we can to help each other to bring our best - because that responsibility belongs to all of us.

In many ways, collaboration is not a luxury but a necessity. All of us are working in an uber-connected world, it is a global market.

Businesses have sites across different countries with shared infrastructure and a massive pool of talent.

There’s pressure to operate effectively and sustainably, resulting in sharing space, resources, and people.

So partnerships across sectors, and between companies aren’t uncommon and in this context will continue to become all the more essential.

If you want to build value at work, or develop skills for future work, the art of working successfully with others, both inside your organisation, and external partners is vital.

Whether you’re working with your team, with clients, or partners, learning to collaborate effectively can transform your experience, and your impact.

As Yasmeen says, working with others is not just a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential to your success.

If you learn the habits of building something with others, I guarantee, it will accelerate your growth. You will expand your skills, you’ll develop new professional experience, and you’ll build a trusted network who can champion you

When former team members I once managed ask me to for references, or for recommendations on LinkedIn, I am always happy to champion those who were great collaborators, who offered their unique talents and skills to the service of something bigger

I’ll admit, I have to think a little harder when asked to recommend those who were ego-driven, or who were unwilling to adapt to new projects or team dynamics.

If you’re known to find ways to work well with people - even people you wouldn’t normally get along with - your colleagues above, below and around you will champion you like never before

So what is super-collaboration? And how is it different to just good team-work.

I’ve worked in teams, you get a task, you split it up, and get it done and that’s the complete purpose.

But this is different..It’s more.

An attitude that you adopt, a way of being that is open, generous, and visionary.

Where you enter into an experience that will surprise you, enrich you, and build value for everyone.

Where you lead, as you, alongside others to create something completely new.

Three key principles set this way of working apart from others;

Firstly; Principle No. 1)

You take a relational approach over a transactional one. It is not about the product as much as it is about the people, it is not an exchange or compromise in any way. Of course there’s times in the office where you do something for a colleague and they return the favour, but this is much more than that. I’ve worked with people who can never get other companies to work with theirs even when they have a really great product, and it’s because they put people off, they treat others impersonally and they make it about things instead of relationships.

Secondly; Principle No. 2)

You come to your collaboration from a place of abundance over scarcity. So many people are paralysed with a fear of scarcity and with that you start in the minus before you even get going. We all have those people at work who are the nay-sayers and the ones who live by a can-do mantra, who are you more likely to work with, or champion.

Thirdly; Principle No. 3)

You make a commitment to discovery. This is really important because otherwise you’re not being open, generous, or visionary.  I ran a mentoring scheme for talented undergraduates and for part of the programme we asked them to negotiate a project idea, you could always tell who was genuinely exploring options, and who was just trying to push their own idea-you know the people I mean. You have to hold your ideas lightly, and trust the process. That, to us, is the way of the Super-collaborator.

In this course we’ll look at how to:

1. Embrace a collaborative mindset

2. Practice the 10 proven habits of Super-Collaborator

3. Harness collaboration to power your career goals


  1. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    James Williams – 09 May 2018

    Some great ideas and I liked the burger analogy, but especially enjoyed the way you both collaborated to create this inspiring course. Thank-you.