Developing a Growth and Success Mindset

With Rosemary Lowe


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Your mindset shapes your thinking around relationships, careers and health, and it's important to strike the right balance in order to perform and enjoy life. Take this course to understand how your mind works and how to manage your mindset to overcome challenges.

Let Rosemary show you what a mindset is, how yours is created, and just what growth and fixed mindsets are and how they can impact your success, both at work and home. 


    • What is a mindset?
    • How are mindsets created?
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
    • Growth versus fixed mindsets
    • How to ‘grow’ your own growth mindset
    • Identifying and changing beliefs
    • Redefining success

2 Reviews
5 out of 5 stars Rating
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Hi, I’m Rosemary Lowe.  I’m a Career, Executive and Leadership Coach and a Transformational Coach and my areas of specialism are Careers, Mindset, Leadership and Wellbeing.  Well basically that means that I’m enthusiastic about anything and everything that involves personal and professional growth and transformation!

Through my company, MindFlame Consulting, I work with individuals, organisations and leaders, helping people to achieve clarity around their goals and their purpose in life – and that means identifying what it is that they really want, what’s already working well and what needs to improve.  I then work with my clients to map out how to make that happen and coach and mentor them to achieve their goals and outcomes.

I’m really passionate about this area of mindset as it’s been such a key factor in my own life.  I’ve had to develop my understanding of how my mind works and I’ve overcome quite a few challenges in my life by learning to manage my mindset and thinking.

By doing this I’ve been able to create a greater sense of personal peace and wellbeing and achieve clarity about who I am, what drives me and what really lights me up. I’ve been able to build a successful business and do work that I love and that feels meaningful and that helps many people – and to do all of this in a way that feels right for me.

Now I find that a lot of my focus involves helping clients, teams or businesses to overcome any limiting beliefs or unhelpful behaviours or anything that’s stopping them from moving forwards and achieving the success and growth that they really want and deserve.

I absolutely love helping other people to become the best, truest version of themselves as well – and that also includes organisations and teams – and always in a way that feels authentic and REAL.   

So I want to ensure that you create success in a way that feels meaningful to you and reflects who you truly are.

To achieve this, alongside creating balance and wellbeing in all areas of your life, there needs to be a focus on what I call your Inner flame.  This means identifying the things that really motivate, inspire and light you up (hence why my company is called MindFlame).

Now this is because as humans we’re multi-faceted and our decisions and life choices are governed not only by our heads, but also by our hearts – and so to achieve real success we need to be driven and tapping into and fuelled by our passions and purpose - as well as logic.

There’s also been lots of research now in the areas of neuroscience and positive psychology which focuses on how our emotions play such a key part in how we’ll respond to events, impacting how we behave and the choices that we make.

So that’s why I also feel you need to look at what I call your inner game – and that’s your mindset and beliefs and your ‘come from’ – your inner state, that you’re acting, performing, behaving and operating from – basically it determines how you ‘show up’ in life and in the world – and it reflects who you’re being and what you’re doing in your life.

On top of that, there are the external factors that are crucial in helping you to achieve confidence and success at a personal and professional level.

Now these are the optimum conditions that YOU need to flourish and feel able to perform and enjoy life at its best.  What is it that helps you to feel that you’re really thriving and not just surviving?  We’ll each have our own combination of things that will help us to achieve that.

In my experience, most people place their focus on the external factors in their lives but often overlook the inner aspects.  But if you ignore what’s happening on the inside, then maybe success and growth doesn’t come, or if it does come, it may not feel fulfilling or it won’t be sustainable in the long term.

I’ve seen this play out a lot throughout all of the years that I’ve been coaching.  Clients might come to me if they’re feeling overwhelmed, or they lack clarity and purpose.  They may feel that their lives are unbalanced, or they’ve lost track of who they are and what they actually want and have no sense of get up and go.

So we work together to get clarity around all of that and turn things around so they can be excited about their life and motivated to follow through and achieve their goals – and to make those goals inspiring!

In this course, I’ll be helping you to develop your own insights and gain self-awareness of how you show up and how you run your life and find out whether all of this comes from a strong, balanced and healthy inner foundation – or maybe not?

Do you often find yourself reacting to external influences, or other people or circumstances outside of your control, or do you feel that you have to struggle and strive to create the results that you want to achieve? If so, then this course is for you.

Even if that doesn’t sound like you, everyone can still benefit from increased self-awareness as it will help you to optimise your life and performance and tweak or transform any areas that you’d like to improve.

I’ve found that if we make sure that everything is working well on the ‘inside’, then it means that we have access to a calm, peaceful and resourceful inner state, no matter what’s happening or occurring in the rest of our life, that sometimes we may not have much control over.

Ultimately the one thing that we can and do have influence over is our mindset and our response.

I love this Einstein quote:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Albert Einstein.

What did he mean by that?  Well, my interpretation is that Einstein understood very well that things will always be happening to us and we may or may not like those events, experiences and circumstances that we encounter.

But what he realised was that we get to choose our response.  We either feel like a victim of life and come from the perception that life is happening to us.  If we believe that – it’s quite a powerless and helpless position to be in and we’re then at the mercy of other people and events.

Or, we can see that no matter what happens, there will always be growth and opportunities that may arise from moving through these experiences. 

So if we take the perspective that life is happening through us, not to us, this can help to put us in a much more empowering position and creates an optimum state of mind.

We’ll be exploring more about that as we go through this material together.

So in this course we’ll consider:

• What is a mindset?
• How are mindsets created?
• Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
• Growth versus fixed mindsets
• How to ‘grow’ your own growth mindset
• Identifying and changing beliefs
• Redefining success

Okay, hopefully that all sounds good!

So let’s get started.


  1. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Connie Fox – 14 May 2018

    Extremely enlightening! This course really increased my understanding of how my pattern of thinking and perception adopted as a child directly affects so many aspects of my life. As importantly, Rosemary shares practical tools and techniques for how to turn them around in a way to create desired outcomes, both personally and professionally. I see how I developed some emotional and behavioral responses to people and life in general, and what my unconscious expectations are which cause limitations in my life [as we all have], especially in my career but also in my personal life. The world focuses so much emphasis on outer achievement and success, but when your thoughts, feelings and expectations are not always serving you well, your accomplishments can be unknowingly blocked. The information in this course is profound, inspiring and very unique. I'm now motivated to grow towards my highest potential and Rosemary has helped me to gain the insights, understanding and mindset shifts to create meaningful and sustainable success!

  2. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Mark Batistich – 09 May 2018

    I really enjoyed this presentation, Rosemary has a knack for presenting in a fresh and genuine way using relatable examples - I think I got a lot out of it and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.