• 00:43Introduction
  • 01:34What is a Career Plan?
  • 06:28Creating your Career Plan
  • 06:10Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • 09:05Mentoring
  • 00:40Summary

How to Develop your Career Plan

with Aimee Bateman

24 min
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Creating your career plan is vital. Wherever you're going, you will get there a lot quicker and it'll be a lot more stress free, if you have a plan.

Maybe you do have a plan, maybe you do know where you want to go. Maybe you have absolutely no idea, you just know you are miserable and you want to do something that makes you happy. This course is going to help you identify exactly what that 'happy' looks like and what that happy is going to be.

Aimee Bateman shows you how to create a career plan and PDP, how to set goals and how to find a mentor. Your dream job just got one step closer. 


Course outcomes

  • What a career plan is, and how to develop yours 
  • How to implement your career plan; how to write a goal that is achievable
  • Producing your personal development plan (your PDP)
  • Getting an effective mentoring relationship in place.

Expert: Aimee Bateman

Having spent over a decade as a leading recruiter, Aimee has placed over 5000 people into employment, from start-ups to large global firms. She is an award winning careers consultant, speaker and Founder of

Creating your career plan is vital to getting that dream job. Take this course today, and let Aimee show you how to create a career plan and PDP, how to set goals, and how to get a mentoring relationship.

You get:

24 minutes of expert help spread over 6 chapters.

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"Content: Motivational and inspiring – makes you want to start developing your career path right away. Thoroughly engaging as you listen to every word. A good balance between action points you can take away straight away but also points to take away that you need to think about. For each of the 6 chapters, it is all tied to SMART objectives so when you finish the course, you know exactly what was discussed and how you can best utilise what was discussed. Reflection/Review: Great practical examples that help put theory into context such as the 3 step plan for how you create your career plan and the traffic light system for when you create your PDP. It also gives you the confidence to be able to put yourself out of your comfort zone and do what it takes to achieve your goals. "

Kevin Parker