Effective Remote Working

With Neil Aries


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Remote working (or working from home) is fast proving to be a popular way to manage workforces that can be spread about many sites. If you are looking to implement your first remote working team or you've just got a job where you can work from home and want to know how to impress then take this course today. 


    • Understand what is remote working 
    • Understand some of the pros and cons of it to a business
    • Learn how to work as part of a remote team including tips on how to implement this
    • Explore case studies including working on customer sites and working from home
    • Gain insight into ways you can stay connected
    • Learn what it means to manage a distributed team
    • Explore how cultures can impact relationships
    • Learn top tips to make remote working work for you!

2 Reviews
5 out of 5 stars Rating
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Hello, my name is Neil Aries, and I am the UK Managing Director of CRITICAL Software in the UK. I would like to welcome you to this course on how to make remote working successful in your organisation.

CRITICAL Software is a global organisation, specialising in providing high integrity software system services and technologies to a variety of sectors including aerospace, space, defence, transport and energy.

To make this global team work effectively, we seek to identify and utilise the best talent wherever it may reside in the world.

So, making remote working a success is key to the way we want to run our business.

Over my time in industry, I have seen remote working become an increasingly widespread and valuable part of many businesses.

I see this continuing to grow as the world becomes ever more connected and technology provides better ways of communicating and sharing information.Today, I hope to provide you with some useful tips and techniques for both working in and managing a remote team.

This course is particularly geared to those of you either in the position of implementing a remote working scheme within your organisation, or those of you running a remote or distributed team currently.

The course is divided into three main chapters.


The first chapter will look at what remote working is. How it can benefit an organisation and what some of the pitfalls might be for both individuals and organisations in implementing such a scheme.

In chapter two, I will then look in detail at working as part of a remote team and provide some tips and techniques for implementing ways you can do this effectively.

I will look at two main scenarios for working remotely: working on a customer site and working from home.
Then, I will look at ways in which individuals and organisations can stay connected, both in terms of technology and personal engagement.

In chapter three, I will focus on what it means to manage a distributed team. Here, I will talk about the importance of effective communication and how this can be best achieved.


I will also look at the impact cultures can have on working relationships, and how these are heightened in a distributed team environment.

Ultimately, I will wrap up today’s session with some top tips for remote working
So, strap yourself in, and let’s get started!


  1. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Zinzile Sibanda – 03 July 2018

    Remote working is increasingly on the rise and providing impactful benefits to both businesses and employees. This course touches on all the important aspects of it, from what it involves, the pros and cons while also giving practical tips that can be applied to any organization. One of the major things I enjoyed about it is that it gives a real case scenario of using remote working within distributed team. I believe this important for all businesses, especially knowing what action to take in order to engage and connect with employees more. I would recommend this course to any business, both global and local, who want to utilize talent regardless of location while also valuing and supporting their employees.

  2. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Ciara Mulkerrins – 03 July 2018

    Great content. I learned a few things! This guy presents in an easy-to-watch style, passing on valuable insights in a way that makes them simple to apply. The video contains info that junior staff should be aware of, as well as delivering useable techniques for managers. Business owners who aren't sure about remote working, or those who want to improve what they've got going on currently, would benefit from watching this too. Thankfully, remote working is growing in popularity and videos like this help businesses and individuals see why.