Employers read your tweets

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Employers read your tweets


Did you know employers read your tweets? When applying for a new job chances are a potential interviewer will check your social media profiles including your Twitter. Here's a few tips from Aimee to learn how to minimise any negativity and help your job search!

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Hi it’s Aimee Bateman from Careercake.com and in this insight video I’m going to be talking about something a little bit, gets my back up a little bit, but it’s employers read your tweets. The reason I wanted to make this video is because I see things every single day on twitter that absolutely blows my mind.


We know that in this day and age when we are job hunting, when we are building a brand, people will read your social media. Employers are going to type your name into facebook, they’re going to have a look at your LinkedIn, they’re going to look at your Instagram and your twitter and we know that.


We know to keep our facebook locked down, we know to be appropriate with what we communicate via LinkedIn, but with twitter I think it can sometimes be a little bit, I think we can sometimes forget about it, we can get a bit lazy with twitter, but remember that twitter, if your tweets are open and unprotected, and I would absolutely advise that they are open and unprotected, because twitter is a wonderful way for you to communicate who you are, and show people that you are more than just two pieces of paper, you are so much more than a CV,  and a wonderful way for you to use social media to build relationships with potential influencers that you may want to work for. So it’s good to be found but just be really aware that people don’t always need a twitter account to even read your tweets, it’s public.


We can just type your name in on twitter, and assuming that you’re using your real name, which again to the point I just made, hopefully you are, because you’re building a brand and building relationships. Just be really aware, so we know not to say the really offensive things, we know that. There’s a million people on the internet, you’ve probably read a million books, pieces of advice, and hopefully you just know that anyway because you’re a nice person. But it’s more the passive aggressive stuff that sometimes people can forget about.


In fact I was sitting with the team this morning having a coffee and reading through some of them, the tweet because your bus was late, it’s a bit of a negative one, or the weather, just whinging about that, or your mum got something wrong so you just have a bit of a whinge about it, or maybe the mobile phone company charged you twice so you had a little bit of a rant to them and you think well that’s ok because twitter is there to communicate with brands and companies and that kind of stuff. But it can have a negative impact on you, especially if when you’re going to that interview, or your coming to see me tomorrow and I’ve just seen that you’ve just lost your mind with your mobile phone company you’ve had a bit of a go, I’m going to be like this person is telling me they’re really positive but now they’re whinging about the weather, and the rain and the trains and all of that kind of stuff. Just be aware, that’s all I’m saying.


You might be watching this thinking, do you know what it doesn’t matter, if an employer reads my tweet and they don’t like me because of it then fine, that’s cool too. You own you, you decide how you position yourself in the marketplace, I’m just here to give you some advice. But don’t then wonder why you might not get that interview, because it could be down to something like that. So just be really, really aware of it.


Now, maybe you’ve got a story, maybe you’ve seen somebody on twitter that’s said something and you’ve thought ohhh, maybe you’ve written something and thought oh maybe I shouldn’t have done that, I’ve nearly written things before, especially when I’m watching newsnight and I’m getting a bit angry at the politicians and I think no, I’m going to leave that there. Share your stories with me, email us and head over to Careercake.com and look at our other insight videos and check out our other courses and until next time remember always be the best version of yourself, especially when you’re job hunting, and take care and good luck.