Ideas are great. It’s the ‘doing’ that’s the hard bit of running a business.

If you want to cut it as an entrepreneur you need to learn how to think differently, not to mention develop skills you never imagined you thought you’d need.

Careercake offers a suite of courses for today’s entrepreneurs. You know, the type: incredibly passionate people who want to make their business a success – whilst experiencing an incredible journey of self-development along the way. 

Sound like you? If so, you're amongst like-minded people.

Our experts lift the lid on traditional advice, opting for real life, tangible guidance based on their own personal experience, that you can apply to your idea the minute you finish the course.

- New courses added every month. Continually add to your skills.
- View on-demand, on-the-go, on all devices.
- Learn from some of the most engaging experts around.

Expert: Aimee Bateman
31 min
On-demand access for 30 days

Maximising Your Productivity

Let Aimee Bateman show you some of the strategies that all highly productive people have in common. She'll show you how to complete a 90 day priority plan, highlight the importance of your daily rhythm, and share a list of behaviours that you can adopt to ensure you get stuff done.

Expert: Aimee Bateman
59 min
On-demand access for 30 days

Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

Aimee Bateman built her global business using LinkedIn and shares her learning with you, so you too can use this wonderful platform to build clients and grow your business

Expert: Aimee Bateman
32 min
On-demand access for 30 days

Successful Networking

This course shows you how to build authentic, professional relationships with influencers that can propel your career.

Lessons they Don't Teach you When Setting Up a Business

Setting up a business can be tough. There’ll be times when you need to borrow money from your Mum or sleep on your friend’s sofa. You'll constantly feel frustrated. Here we share our top lessons learned.

How to Write a Business Plan (Checklist)

A business plan is so important. It provides you with a blueprint for your business and helps drive your activity towards your goals. Read how to get started.

What Should I Call my Business?

It’s easy to overthink it. It’s easy to get too many people involved. But deciding upon a name that will represent you and your business long-term can be tough. Here, we share our top tips.