Getting the Most from Recruitment Agencies while Job-Hunting

With Alex Moyle

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Recruitment consultants: whether you love them or dislike them they are a really important part of your job hunting tool kit. Let Alex Moyle show you how to get the most from them to unlock new job opportunities and build lasting relationships that will help both them and you!


    How to change your mindset when it comes to your job search
    Understand the life of a recruiter to get the most from them
    Identify the right recruiter to be your career partner
    How you can help a recruiter to help you in your job search

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Hi there everyone I’m Alex Moyle and I’m here to help you get more from your recruitment agency relationships while you are job-hunting.

Now I know agency recruiters can be extremely frustrating. They don’t return your calls, you never get any feedback and they only seem to want to be your friend, when they are going to make some money.

But over the last 20 years in the recruitment industry, I’ve worked with thousands of job seekers and I’ve worked with thousands of recruiters and there is a way for you to work together, whereby, not only do you get a better job, they also get some success too.

And so what we are going to get from this video is 4 things.

The first thing you are going to get is some tips and tactics on how to change your mindset of your job search. It may be that you are expecting a little bit too much from your relationship with a recruiter.

The second thing we are going to do is look at the life of a recruiter. Now, I don’t expect you to feel sorry for them and I know some of the things they do aren’t right, but hopefully it might give you some insight as to why they do some of the things they do.

The third thing is, I’m going to help you find that career recruitment partner. Because, while plenty of recruiters don’t want to know you past this job. There are those out there that do want to know you. Not just for today, but also for the future.

The last topic we are going to cover is that if you can be more proactive in helping the recruiters that you work with, you’re going to unlock massive levels of motivation for them actually helping you get the job you want.