How to deal with a job rejection

With Aimee Bateman


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How to deal with a job rejection


Didn't get the job? Being rejected is really tough. Especially when you put so much effort in. Watch this video, presented by Aimee Bateman, to learn how to move on, feel better and use feedback in a positive way.

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Hi I’m Aimee Bateman from and in this video I’m going to cover something that can be quite painful for some people, something that can really knock your confidence, make you question your value, even if you’re the most confident person in the world, this can happen when you get a job rejection. It can be a really tough thing to deal with, so I want to give you my thoughts on this.

The first thing that I think is really, really important is to remember that recruitment is quite a comprehensive process, it’s not just a tick boxing exercise, well for the best employers it definitely isn’t anyway. They’re thinking about your skillset, they’re also thinking about your experience and all that kind of stuff, they’re wanting to see you in their business, can you make their business more profitable. Are you also going to get on with the team that they’ve already got in place? Are you positive, I’ve probably got a lot of personalities in my business, got Janet in finance she’s hard work but she’s wonderful, she’s been her for forever, we’ve got a lot of characters here, will you be able to fit in with the team I’ve already got in place. So much going on, and the recruiter may have just gone on a gut instinct, they might have sat there for hours, days, maybe even weeks sometimes contemplating who is the right person for the business.


Now for whatever reason, you are not the right person for them in this moment, but what I think is really important is to remember that just because somebody doesn’t see your value, or see your value within the context of this job at this time, doesn’t mean that your value doesn’t exist. Just because somebody doesn’t see your value, doesn’t mean it’s not there, and I think that’s really, really important to remember. So once you have thought about this, I want you to pick yourself back up, you can absolutely go and have a little cry or feel a bit rubbish for half a day, or a day, you’re absolutely allowed to do that, ok. But then I want you to do these things.

One, I want you to get some feedback, I want you to approach them and just remember to be gracious when you’re doing this, because we’re human beings and normal happy human beings don’t go around breaking people, they don’t enjoy doing that. Chances are this person is not going to feel comfortable giving you negative feedback, so you, in order to get the truth so that you can go away and be the best you can be, and maybe learn from that, you have to make this process easy for them. You have to make it easy for them to deliver negative communication and negative news with you because they might be a bit uncomfortable. You just thank them and say any piece of feedback that you have I would love and be so grateful to learn from. Now you have to remember that what they say to you, you can go away and learn from it, you can absolutely go away and process it, and act on it. You might want to process it and think actually that’s not the case. Perspective, like I said, is a very, very powerful thing, where they’re coming from might not be where you’re coming from, or where your next dream employer is coming from but that’s your decision to make, you need to go away and think how am I going to deal with this information. Will I act on it or not?

The next thing I want you to do is to always, always be kind. Always be the best version of yourself, even if you decide that you don’t want to ask for feedback, but I really think that you should, you always go back and thank them for the rejection. Now doesn’t that sound weird, I know that sounds weird, why would I thank them for the rejection. You have to put another piece of communication out there, another touch that is positive, so you thank them for the opportunity. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve had to tell somebody that they didn’t get a job, and they have been rude and aggressive, and then I just do not want to deal with them. In fact it happened with Careercake not long ago, I’m not going to go into detail, but I probably would have kept that person in mind for another position but they were rude, really rude to my staff, so I decided not to.

Don’t ever be that person, always be the best version of yourself, go away and say something negative to your friends or family member if you’re really, really angry but in that moment just thank them because you don’t know where they’re going to end up, you don’t know where they’re going to go in the future, you don’t know, like I said there might be an opportunity coming up at a business that they know about, that they’d like to, you know I saw this really great lady, or this really great guy a couple of weeks ago, they weren’t right for my business but I think they’d be perfect for this role, I’ll send you a LinkedIn introduction or something. Always be the best version of yourself, even if, and I’m not saying that all interviewers and all employers are perfect because they’re not, even if that person probably sometimes, unfortunately isn’t always the best version of themselves, you can control you, so ensure that you do that.


And then the next thing that you need to pick yourself back up, you need to get your fans, your supporters, you need to do things that remind you how good you are. Maybe you, if you’ve watched any of my other Careercake videos, you’ve got a brag file. A brag file is where you collect all testimonials and good things that employers have said, maybe a customer once sent you an email and went thank you so much for doing that Sarah you really listened to me, you solved a problem. I want you to start collecting all of this stuff. Because your career might be the next 10, 20, 30 years, there are going to be, I promise you, many days where you wake up in the morning and you question your value. I do it too, I do it too. And it’s good to have something you can go to, to just remind yourself, you know what I’m actually alright. I’m actually good, people actually do value me, and I’m good at what I do. Make sure that you’ve got your brag file and go to it. Get a call with people who make you feel fabulous, we all have lighters in our lives, people that make us feel like we can take over the world, do that. Do things that make you happy, go to the gym, play some really good music, go and see a film, a really feel good film. That’s one of my strategies, I’m obsessed with films and I always watch films that I know are going to affect my mood, really good strategy to have. And just remember that, what I said at the beginning of this video, just because somebody doesn’t see your value, does not mean it’s not there. And you’re not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s absolutely fine, you just need to keep going, and learn from it.


Now if you’ve got any strategies, or anything that you’ve done, please share your information with us. Maybe you can send us an email, let us know, but just talk to us here at Everything that we do is all dedicated to you going out there and showing the world how good you are, so keep in touch, and until next time, take care.