How to get a Pay Rise

With Aimee Bateman

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How to get a pay rise gives you everything you need to get that salary increase. Let Aimee show you how to ask your boss for the meeting, what to bring and how to respond to anything your boss throws at you. This course shows you how to ask for and GET that pay rise.


    • How to prepare for the meeting, including the 'Ask'. 
    • How to conduct the meeting, and what you should bring. 
    • How to work out what salary range you should ask for. 
    • How to respond to your boss. No matter what the answer is. 

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Hi, I’m Aimee Bateman, founder and CEO of and in this course I’m going to talk to you about how to ask for and then get a pay rise.

Now the first thing to remember is, companies absolutely expect to have these conversations with employees.

It is totally OK to ask for a salary review. There is a certain way you have to go about it.

Some things you shouldn’t say and things to do to improve your chances. Remember to think like the employer. They’d much rather you go in there and ask for an increase in your salary or maybe in your benefits, than you to walk in and hand your notice in.

It can be really expensive, really risky and quite stressful to replace you, so don’t dread it. Don’t think, I don’t want to be seen as the troublesome employee or I don’t want to get anybody’s back up or annoy anybody. Just go through this course with me.

We will put everything together in terms of how to prepare. How to conduct the meeting, how to work out what you should ask for, all of the things you can come back with. We will predict all of the potential responses they could give you and then we will talk about how to follow-up. We are going to get this right!