How to Quit Your Job - The Right Way

With Aimee Bateman

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Watch this video to learn how to quit your job, but the right way. (Yes, there's a right way). Let Aimee show you how to prepare to resign, how to write the resignation letter and how to leave on the best possible terms to ensure the best outcome for all parties. 


    Understand the dos and don'ts of quitting
    How to write the resignation letter
    How to act in the exit interview
    How to conduct yourself in the final weeks of working there.

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Hi, I’m Aimee Bateman, careers coach, founder and CEO of Careercake.

Now in this course I’m going to talk to you about how to quit your job, but the right way.

Now, it doesn’t matter what your reasons are, you want to leave. Maybe you’ve got a new job. Maybe you hate the job you are in. Maybe you dislike your boss or you really don’t get on with your co-workers.
Maybe it’s family reasons, so maybe the hours are just not suitable or the =locations not right.

Maybe it’s really exciting and you are going back to study and have a career change maybe. Or maybe it’s down to relocation.

So you maybe leaving that company, that boss, but guess what, you still work for you.

Now this is my favourite Earl Nightingale quote.

‘You don’t own your job; you’ll never own that. Job are owned by companies…you own your career’

OK, you own you and for everyday of your career, whether you are self-employed or employed, you’re working for you and if you really want to win, you’ve got to run your career like a CEO runs her own business. I know that sounds really cheesy but it is so true, because your reputation, is your biggest asset. How you handle yourself during difficult times. Not just the good times, the difficult times, that’s what really shows your character.

Now I know it's nerve racking. I’ve handed in my notice previously before. I’ve also been a manager, so I’ve had people hand their notice in to me. I was a recruitment consultant. I placed 4,000 people into their jobs during my career and I walked them through that process and I’m going to do that with you.

We are going to talk about

the preparation
the do and don’ts
the resignation letter
the exit interview
the possible repercussions
the final days / weeks

Now you’re watching this course because you care. You’re probably a little bit nervous, in fact I had a very, very close friend hand her notice in only a few days ago and I was thinking about this course.

It’s exciting. You’re off to do something new, so make sure you put yourself in the headspace of where you are going, those new horizons. Keep that positivity and handle this the right way.