• 00:41Introduction and Course Outcomes
  • 09:16Prepare for Success
  • 09:24Preparing your Answers
  • 06:01The Interview Day
  • 18:05How to Answer Questions
  • 06:18Questions for the Interviewer
  • 02:53Preparing and Handling Other Types of Interviews
  • 03:48After the Interview
  • 02:01Summary

Interview Masterclass

with Aimee Bateman

58 min
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Interview Masterclass

You have got through to the final stage of the recruitment process, all that stands in your way of that job offer, is the interview. We know what is required for interview success, to get you the job offer that you deserve.

During this course Aimee shares with you her extensive knowledge developed as a top recruiter and careers coach, to ensure you perform on the day to the best of your ability.

Aimee takes you through each stage of the interview.  She will show you how to prepare, so you go in to that interview with true confidence.  She will take you through example questions and answers, these include competency based, strength based and curveball questions.  She will show you how you can really excel on the day and what to do after the interview (so important, it does not end when the interview ends), to make sure the interviewer remembers you. Aimee also gives tips on other types of interviews, including telephone and video interviews.  

Sign up for this course and develop the skills and confidence to be the very best you can be at your next interview.

Course outcomes

  • Better understand what employers are looking for and learn to think like them
  • Tackle those hard to answer questions with confidence using the STAR model for structure
  • Understand the difference between strength-based and competency-based interviews
  • Appreciate the common themes of all interviews questions
  • Master the art of forward-positioning; allow the recruiter to imagine you as part of their team through asking appropriate employer-focused questions

Expert: Aimee Bateman

Having spent over a decade as a leading recruiter, Aimee has placed over 5000 people into employment, from start-ups to large global firms. She is an award winning careers consultant, speaker and Founder of

Aimee has conducted over 4000 interviews, and through this course she shares her extensive knowledge of the process with you. Helping to prepare you for success.

You get:

58 minutes of expert help spread over 9 chapters.

30 days' access, anywhere, anytime.

Access across devices - desktop, mobile and tablet.

"I have been reading articles and watching videos to help you through the interview for a while, and I didn't know what I have been missing but I had a feeling I was missing a lot. The 58 minutes ''comprehensive course'' I would call it, covered every aspect and answered every question I could get asked, and what is extremely exciting about it that it can help you to come up with questions yourself to ask to the interviewer, which will leave a good impression about you and make them remember you with a positive energy. loved every second, and opened my eyes and drew my attention to lots of small tips that have colossal impact on your interview. If you want to excel in your career and get the job.. my advice to you.. take the course. Thank you Aimee for being such a great help. "

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