The Power of Introverts

With Rachel Anderson


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Do you identify as introverted? If so you're not alone! Introverts, whilst sometimes perceived as quiet and not as 'confident' as extroverts, have a range of strengths that can be applied in the workplace. Let Introverts' Champion, Rachel, show you how to harness your superpowers and be at your best by debunking the many myths associated with this great group of people!


    • Exactly what introversion is
    • What introversion isn’t – busting some myths and misconceptions
    • Your introvert strengths and how to leverage them
    • How to keep yourself at your best (so you can use those introvert superpowers)

3 Reviews
5 out of 5 stars Rating
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Hello, I’m Rachel Anderson, quiet champion of introverts and I’m a social introvert. I’m also an executive coach, own and run my own coaching consultancy called Tea & Empathy in my ‘spare’ time, I have a full-time job as a leader in the corporate world. I’m not shy, I’m not socially awkward (well most of the time), and I generally like people very much, but I am most definitely introverted and proud of it!

In the past I really struggled with my introversion - I think I was in denial, because I didn’t really understand it. So much I encountered right from early childhood led me to believe that introverted traits were something to be overcome or corrected. That I was ‘odd’ somehow. In fact for over 40 years I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t enough; that I should be a different version of me - one that was a strong action taker, decisive, energetic, larger than life, dynamic, quick on the uptake, fun to be around, always clear, good at networking and putting myself ‘out there’.

Ugh, how exhausting! Don’t get me wrong - I can be all of those things if I’m minded to, but it’s not my default, natural self and can quickly drain me, leaving me overwhelmed, depressed, feeling inadequate, incongruent and self-critical. In fact, I managed to burn myself out trying to be a perfect extrovert, pretending to be someone other than my natural self.

Since then I’ve come to realise and accept my true, introverted nature, and understood there was no shame in just being ‘me’, comfortable in my own skin - ahh, such liberation! Such a release of potential, possibility and performance! Am I now superwoman? Am I now perfect? NO, of course not, but it is true that I have never been more successful in all areas of my life as I am right now, since I learned how to embrace the natural me, and fully harness my strengths as an introvert. I’ve learned it’s actually wonderful to be an introvert.

Over 50% of the population identify as being introverted. We’re actually a majority! Just a quiet one.

I know from a decade of being an executive coach with 100s of clients that there are ‘secret’ introverts everywhere, struggling with who they are and feeling that they need to become a more extroverted version of themselves.

And that’s why I’ve created this course - to give a little balance. The world needs the strengths of extroverts and introverts - one is not better than the other, we just bring different things and we complement each other. It’s not about right or wrong, but there is an unconscious bias in our society towards extroverted traits. And until introverts themselves feel able to stand sure and step into our full quiet strength, that bias will be perpetuated, and the full synergy created by balancing extroversion and introversion will fail to materialise.

In this course we will discuss:

  • Exactly what introversion is
  • What introversion isn’t – busting some myths and misconceptions
  • Your introvert strengths and how to leverage them
  • How to keep yourself at your best (so you can use those introvert superpowers)


  1. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    James Williams – 30 April 2018

    Great video! I'm an introvert and proud.

  2. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Gayle Johnson – 21 March 2018

    A fab short course that helps you understand the why and what of introverts at work, and perhaps most usefully, how to make the most of 'introvert power' and be successful by being yourself. Highly recommend (plus Rachel's calm delivery was a pleasure to watch!).

  3. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Linda Narbeth – 08 March 2018

    This short course helps you clearly understand the Power of Introverts and allows you to gain more insight into what you need to consider when working with different personalities within the workplace. Rachel has a natural ability to really help you understand the approach and gives valuable insight on how these different personalities work. I will be really looking forward to the next one, thank you Rachel