Using Twitter to Job Hunt

With Helen Reynolds

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Twitter is a must-have tool in your job search arsenal.This course is the course for you if you’re about to start a job hunt, or if you’ve been trying to find the job for a little while. Let Hel show you how to use Twitter to find jobs, build your brand and research opportunities.


    In this course you'll learn how to:

    • Find jobs and opportunities on Twitter, including how to use keywords and search for jobs
    • Use Twitter to build your personal brand within the sector
    • Research companies and interviewers on Twitter

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Hi! I’m Hel Reynolds and I do the job of my dreams and that’s probably because of how I’ve used Twitter.

I help people to use social media like Twitter and Facebook for professional reasons so I help them to talk to the right audience and to enhance their own or their organisation’s reputation.

This course is the course for you if you’re about to start a job hunt, or if you’ve been trying to find the job for a little while.   

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve helped lots of people find the perfect role for them, people like my mate Laura - a public relations graduate who asked me to help her a couple of years ago, to get her first gig in a creative agency.

By using Twitter and making sure she stood out from all the other graduates seeking work, and getting her to comfortably chatting to industry professionals. After two months she was approached by the boss at a big agency who asked her to apply for an assistant role at that firm.  She’s now progressed to be an account executive and she’s absolutely delighted with how her career has gone.

It’s not just Laura, loads of people find Twitter an invaluable tool to network and to work.

Here are a few tweets from more people I know who told me about how they’ve used Twitter to get jobs: (SEE SCREEN) 

 Lauren tweeted jokingly about her tea-making skills and now she has a job.


Sarah has a whole new life thanks to a tweet she spotted.


Twitter gave Stuart a head-start for his dream job at the British Film Institute.

It’s all so exciting!

43% of job seekers use social media every day of the week for fun.  Lots of us know that it’s great for personal connections, but why not also use it for work? Research shows that the more active you are on social media, the more you will reap the rewards.

But you’ve got to be clever in how you use it.

So, I’m here to help you get a job by following three steps:

1) Finding jobs and opportunities on Twitter

You’ll learn how to use keywords and search for jobs and feel really confident that every role that is relevant for you.

2) Using Twitter to build your personal brand within the sector

So, you’ll learn how to ensure your profile has got the right information to become attractive to employers and you’ll know what kind of things to tweet about. You’ll also understand the importance of networking and you’ll be able identify the people who can help you get that job that you want and you’ll know how to use Twitter Lists to strike up conversations with those people.

3) Researching companies and interviewers on Twitter

You’ll be able to use Twitter to get the lowdown on your interviewers and the company you want to work for. You’ll be able to use the things they say on twitter to build some rapport and look really informed and stand out from everybody else.


All the way through I’ll tell you how you can do some easy and quick actions every day that will build into a full strategy and it’ll help you find the work you want. 

I’m going to assume you’ve already created your Twitter account, and know how to tweet.

If not, it’s really easy. Check the Twitter website and there will be some basics on how to tweet.  When you’re ready, come back here and we’re ready to start!


  1. 5 out of 5 stars Rating

    Christian Jameson-Warren – 05 April 2018

    Twitter has always seemed one of those tools that could be used in job search but no one really had an effective way to do so. Hel's tips and enthusiasm have encouraged me to be more positive about using Twitter in a proactive way to achieve my career aspirations.