What not to put on your CV

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What not to put on your CV


What are the three main things you should not include on your CV? Let Aimee talk you through the big no-nos when it comes to your CV. She'll talk you through the things that put off an employer and how to craft your CV.

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Hi guys, it’s Aimee here from Careercake.com. I want to make a quick video to talk about three things that you should not to put on your CV.

So, the first one is photographs. I don’t want you to give anyone a reason to judge you about whether you are suitable for the job on anything other than your skills. It has to be about your skills and your strengths. So that photograph where you think you look really engaging and professional, somebody else may think you look a little bit scary and maybe a little bit harsh or cold. So keep those photographs away. It’s 2016, if someone wants to know what you look like, they can google you.

The second thing, don’t list your duties. Just throwing out the duties you did in that role. A lot of people know what you did. If it is a job title that people can often assume and understand what that job title involved. Talk about your achievements, give them other stuff. Not just regurgitating your job description. Talk about what you achieved within that role.

Thirdly, keep those hobbies off your CV. Maybe ten years ago you could have said you like playing golf and socialising with your friends or going to the gym. That type of stuff, in this competitive market place is no going to cut it. You are not going to differentiate yourself. No-one is going to give you a job because they also like playing golf. We have to up our game now. Don’t just talk about your hobbies, talk about why they are your hobbies. Why you do that? What do you enjoy doing? What’s the feeling? How do you feel when you go snow boarding? How do you feel when you are socialising with your friends? What do you like about the fact that you go rowing? Is it that you like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? You like supporting people and that is why you are involved in that charity. Show them who you are.

Like I say all the time. There will be someone out there with more experience than you. Who uses bigger words. Has a contact in HR that you don’t have? If you want them to pick you, you have to give them something to connect with, so talk about your values and your motivators. Why you get out of bed in the morning. Why you do what you do. So rather than hobbies, put ‘about me’ or ‘additional information’.

So, no photographs. Don’t just list your duties, talk about your achievements and keep those hobbies off and show them your values and your motivators.

Hope that helps. Get over to careercake.com and check out the awesome content we have there to help you show the world how good you are.