Bethan Davies

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The Bravest Path coaching & development programme has, quite frankly, been life-changing for me. I have not previously spent much time focussing on myself, my goals and, indeed, my fears, so I've emerged from this with a much better understanding of myself, and where it is I want to be, and what's holding me back. 


Bethan is qualified to deliver the research of Dr Brené Brown, the world’s leading researcher of topics such as self- worth, courage and vulnerability. 

With a combination of this research and her own personal leadership experience leading Talent, Learning and Development across Europe and Africa in both the Finance and Tech sectors, she works with individuals and organisations who want to become braver and support their people to take more smart risks.

She helps people build the courage to lean into the discomfort of uncertainty, set clear boundaries around what’s ok and what’s not ok, and to find the bravery to ask for what they want without the fear of hearing “no”.

Bethan’s passion is helping others build confidence and resilience through the online programmes, workshops and coaching she provides. She strives to help everyone recognise that they are worthy of their opinions and successes, that only a small trusted group of individuals opinions count, and supports people to let go of imposter syndrome and live a braver life to realise the things they want to achieve.

Her achievements: 

  • Finding work that brings her joy as well as supporting her lifestyle as a working mum
  • Becoming an executive coach and training with Dr Brené Brown around perfectionism/imposter syndrome