Cathy Bailey

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There should be a Cathy in every office

- Lauren Harvey, Director, Full Stop Accounts

Cathy is the founder of Office Om, and a BACP registered counsellor and qualified yoga teacher. She is passionate about empowering people with skills and strategies to be at their best. She has particular experience working with anxiety, stress and depression, which are the biggest causes of workplace absence.

She brings her pre-Office Om experience in the steel industry, civil service and Universities into her work and loves adapting her sessions to different workplace cultures.

She is passionate about the need to increase our self awareness and our self care, particularly by building our own toolbox of strategies that work for us. As well as running her business, she is a mum of three small children and loves running, dancing and (of course) yoga.

She has worked with thousands of people in workshops and private practice and runs inspiring workshops and programmes in resilience, mindfulness, office yoga, workplace wellbeing, mental health and more. Over 99% of her workshop attendees would recommend Office Om to a colleague.