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Barrie was the Chief Executive of Leadership & Management Wales, from its inception in 2008 until March 2016 when he stepped down to concentrate on designing and delivering development programmes on leadership for practitioners.

He began his career in British telecom as an engineer but later moved into training and development in the voluntary sector before becoming head of training at the Western Mail & Echo group. He moved into academia in 1998 when he joined Cardiff University’s School of Education.

He regularly speaks at conferences and seminars and has worked in Pakistan, Uganda and Zambia on capacity building projects with the British Council. He also worked in China where he gave a series of lectures on management techniques at South West Normal University.

Barrie’s accomplishments include:

  • Lead trainer on the National Mentoring Pilot Programme in England
  • Co-authored a report on high level skills in the workplace for the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
  • Regularly appears on the BBC Wales radio programme, world@work
  • Co-written Foundation and Masters degrees in Applied Professional Practice
  • Recipient of the Director’s award from the Institute Of Directors for his work in linking Higher Education and business in Wales.