Gareth Davies

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Gareth helped me to understand my future self and how I can grow into a position of seniority without being scared. It has opened my eyes to the potential I could achieve whilst boosting my enthusiasm tenfold.


Gareth believes that to empower people to show up in their careers as their full, unedited selves we need to focus on what really holds us back – our inner critic. That voice inside our heads that will have us believe that we are not enough – not qualified enough, not experienced enough, not popular enough...and that tells us to stay small, stay quiet and stay safe.

With a combination of this research and his own personal leadership experience, Gareth works with individuals and organisations who want to become braver and support their people to take smart risks, by building the courage to lean into the discomfort of uncertainty, set clear boundaries around what’s okay and what’s not okay, and to find the bravery to ask for what they want without the fear of hearing “no”.

His achievements:

  • TEDx Talk about personal experience of how limiting perfectionism/imposter syndrome can be
  • Having the courage to find belonging, and to stop ‘selling out’ to fit in
  • Letting go of what others might think, embracing uncertainty and founding a business that does meaningful work at a human level.