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'Helen has an amazing ability to put people at their ease and communicate in a way that helps people understand even the most complex of concepts’.

Head of Communications and Engagement,  London Borough of Croydon

Helen Reynolds is a social media expert; known for helping organisations to communicate using social media and more traditional means.

As a consultant and founder of Social For the People, she works with organisations in the UK including Sport Wales, NUS, Natural England as well as many councils and universities.

Featured on TV and in the press, her skill for communications and social media have been recognised by an accolade of awards and nominations including:

  • Highly commended in The UK Blog Awards 2017 
  • Winner of the Digital Leaders 100 in the local government category
  • WINNER of three awards at the Somecomms social media awards 
  • Finalist in the Computer Weekly Social Media Awards 
  • Finalist at the UK Public Sector Digital Awards 
  • Highly Commended: CIPR Local Public Services Digital Communications Award 2010