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"Isabel has a great story to share with regards encouraging others and is always generous structuring support for those she works with. I have watched how gifted she is at connecting with people and I see her engage with ease and support them whatever the context or project being fulfilled. Isabel will listen first and isn’t afraid to learn from others and create the best outcome!"

Isabel has worked with people and isolated communities for the last ten years in various settings, including the Criminal Justice System, Peabody Housing Association, the Charity Sector and inner city schools and estates.

Isabel has extensive experience and specialises in supporting others into employment, education and training, and reaching their individual goals. Isabel has successfully trained and supported people from wide ranging backgrounds into careers across the luxury, finance, retail and recruitment sectors, amongst others.

Isabel has managed multi-stake holders campaigns and programmes across the private and public sectors, focusing on social change, inequality and youth violence. In 2013 Isabel managed and coordinated The Oii My Size Campaign, winning The Nominet Award for Making The Internet A Safer Place.

In 2015 Isabel coordinated an Erasmus+ project supporting over 300 young people, professionals and MPs to attend events focused on bridging the gap between young people and policy makers, with the final event focusing on Young People’s perspectives on social media, being hosted at the House of Commons.

Isabel is an established public speaker, regularly speaking at events and conferences; this includes chairing debates in parliament and speaking on the ‘Women in Tech’ panel at the Parliamentary Internet Conference in 2013. Isabel also gave a TEDxClapham talk on sexual assault in 2015. Isabel is freelance consultant whose clients include Westminster and Kensington Councils and a number of charities and startups.

In a nutshell, Isabel is passionate about empowering people to believe in their own ability to shape their lives and futures, social mobility, young people, equality and lastly, never believing anyone who tells you what you want isn't possible.