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“Employees have reported feeling greater levels of happiness and satisfaction as well as greater levels of calm which enables them to deal with daily stresses in a much healthier way.”

Robert Warner, Office for National Statistics.

In 2010, Lianne had the realisation that she wasn't happy despite seeming to have achieved everything she had ever wanted. She then decided to change virtually every aspect of her life, including her accountancy career, and began retraining in a wide variety of therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

She then set up Beam Holistic Therapy with the aim of helping individuals to feel happier and healthier. Within no time, she also found herself writing and delivering unique and inspiring corporate wellbeing programmes to private and public sector organisations and subsequently incorporated Beam Development & Training Ltd. No matter the topic, all of Beam’s courses focus upon helping people learn skills and techniques that help them to live a happier life.

In addition to her corporate courses, Lianne also delivers a wide variety of personal and spiritual development courses which are open to the public.

Lianne is a mentor for Chwarae Teg, a Virgin Startup Mentor and is also a Welsh Government Inspirational speaker for Big Ideas Wales. She has been nominated and shortlisted for several national business awards and has also won the Rising Star Award from Women Inspiring Women.