Rachel Anderson

...the introverts' champion

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“Rachel challenged me to think differently and gave me space to be ‘me’, to explore my own self, to be comfortable in my own skin and to become confident about me and my strengths.”

Rachel is a speaker, writer, executive coach and founder of Tea & Empathy, whose mission is to help quiet leaders grow into their natural best. She’s also a social introvert.

For many years she neither understood nor accepted her introversion, believing it to mean she was somehow socially inadequate or shy. But when, after 18 years in a corporate role, she burned out trying to be someone she wasn’t, Rachel embarked on a journey of self-discovery. In her quest to repair her damaged confidence and fulfil her potential, she learned to understand, embrace and enjoy her introversion, to let go of fears of inadequacy and leverage her natural strengths.

Originally a forester, Rachel used to grow trees, until she realised she enjoyed growing people more. Through her work as an Executive and Life Coach with Tea & Empathy, over the last 10 years she has helped over 700 people 1-1, and many hundreds more through her group work. She sees through her work how many ‘secret’ introverts there are, struggling with shame and doubt, worried that they don’t live up to the ‘extrovert ideal’. She has experience of working with leaders and senior execs across many industries including banking, insurance, FMCG companies, public sector, oil, education, as well as entrepreneurs, small business owners and private individuals.

Aside from her 1-1 coaching, Rachel also runs workshops and online courses, blogs at her website www.teaandempathy.com and is building a supportive community of like-minded people in her closed facebook group Introvert by Nature. One of these days she will finish her book for introverted leaders!

Rachel is married with 3 daughters, and to counterbalance all the busy-ness enjoys quieter pursuits of walking, reading, gardening, jigsaws as well as more active snowblading and kickboxing!