Sally Evans

...our expert in leadership skills

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"Sally has allowed me to flourish as a leader by giving me the knowledge, understanding and tools to support my professional and personal development".

Sally has over 30 years’ experience in management and leadership, excelling in operational and change management roles. Her love of learning and personal growth has led her to several qualifications in Law, NLP, Psychology, Human Resource Management as well Working as a Strategic Facilitator, Sally supports Board and Senior level teams across the public and private sectors.

Sally is also Founder of LifeBuddy and TeenBuddy (not for profit). Both businesses provide support to enable people to live their best lives. Using the tools, resources and techniques usually retained for corporate clients, Sally is sharing these life-skills through the web resource, LifeBuddy and with young people (aged 14 -19) with TeenBuddy.

Both these programmes aim to offer positive and encouraging practical support to enable people to change and develop great habits and learn to live their best life.