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"Sue is an extraordinary coach. I’d recommend her for anyone wanting to make a change or step up to a new level of performance: she will enable you to make the transition more quickly and completely than you might have dared hope".

Sue is a deeply experienced Personal Leadership & Mindset Coach to ambitious professionals who are on a mission to succeed. She works internationally and her VIP clients include ambitious entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, performers & political leaders who want to accelerate their performance, increase their impact and maximise their results. Sue co-hosts a leadership podcast, On The Tipping Point, and curates a growing online community for ‘Women on a Mission’ to share experience and learning, and to collaborate and co-create as the community grows.

In addition to being a NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Sue is a guest lecturer in Personal Leadership on the Cardiff international MBA programme and also teaches Advanced Communication Skills with Glyndwr University. Sue is a Non-Executive Director of the Pobl Group (Care & Support Board) and a Board Member of Chartered Management Institute Cymru.

Sue’s extensive leadership experience, especially in leading large scale complex change projects, led her to develop very finely honed skills in working with individuals, teams & organisations to create personal and professional change. Her signature ‘I Gotta Be Me’ VIP coaching experience, helps high performing professionals to achieve their personal ‘mission unstoppable’ in the most effortless & authentic way possible.