Taren Heintz

...our expert in job searching abroad

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Taren is originally from Seattle and has lived and worked in the USA, the UK and Germany. 

Having spent her career in higher education, Taren has made significant contributions to several recruitment, marketing, PR, entrepreneurial and enterprise education strategies and agendas. Taren is passionate about delivering an excellent student experience and is committed to helping fund research and student start-ups.

While at Cardiff University, Taren helped students achieve their potential and equipped them with the skills necessary to be both interprenurial and entrepreneurial. She has mentored, advised and help fund students who have started their own cafés, clothing lines and letting agencies and has also guided students who have gone on to join both large and small companies in dynamic and exciting roles. 

Prior to that, Taren worked for Plymouth University and travelled all over the UK and Europe to deliver awareness raising talks/speeches with the aim of inspiring students of all ages to attend university.