Tim Roberts

L&D Professional

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‘Tim is one of the first people I go to when I need a fresh pair of eyes and ears. He has a great skill of making people feel comfy in his presence, this I put down to his art in coaching. Not only can Tim adapt to any situation, but he manages to do this with a unique personal touch’ 

- Danny Seals of Mindchimp

Tim’s purpose is to make you think. He has 20 years' leadership experience gained across various sectors and his L&D experience enabled him to create Enthuse Coaching and Training. Tim’s passion is coaching and he truly believes that through our Emotional Intelligence we can see that ‘the challenge is the opportunity’.

Tim is known for his no-nonsense approach and his public speaking is known for being highly engaging and inspiring. Tim’s vision is to spend the rest of his life creating an environment where people can develop to always be their best version of themselves.

Achievements include:

  • Creating Enthuse Coaching and Training to develop the world’s Emotional Intelligence.
  • Delivering the opening keynote talk at the CIPD Coaching Conference.