A Mini Guide for Organisations

Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

Feature Release: Playlists.

What it is: a super easy way for your users to subscribe to different learning paths.

Why we created it: to help guide users to the right content when they need it most.

How it’ll help your users: they can watch the content they need to reach their next career milestone by being pointed in the right direction.

Good news! Playlists are live.

If you are an administrator you and your users now have access to the playlist creator in Careercake. It’s super simple and straight-forward to use but here’s an overview of how to use it to increase engagement within your user base.

What’s included:

Suggested playlists.

This is a collection of learning paths your users can access which are tailored to the type of user they are. They include: New Starter, New Promotion, New Manager as well as Job Searcher and Career Changer -  depending on which library category you’ve subscribed to.


This last bit is important. If you license our professional development suite, your users will be given access to playlists in this category and likewise, if you're a subscriber to our entire library they'll get access to everything.

Once you open a playlist it'll give your users a range of videos to watch to help them achieve the career milestone or overcome any challenges they may need help with. 

Featured Playlists.

Not everyone learns the same way. Maybe your users want to learn a type of skill or need a different perspective on something. In this featured section we promote videos that are most watched as well as topical interests such as presentation skills, wellbeing or leadership. 

Create a playlist.

Want to curate your own lists? Maybe you want to set up an onboarding playlist for your new starters? Or perhaps you want to create a playlist to re-engage some of your members that have gone a little quiet.









As an admin you can now do this. Simply create a list, give it a name and write a short bio so your users know why they should subscribe.

Next: click Search Titles, add your videos  and when you’re ready to go live, just use the Make List Live for Users and it’ll appear in your users’ playlist section.

Have you added all the titles you need? You can now publish this to your users' accounts by hitting the below button. You can hide it again at any point and you can add or remove videos at any point as well.