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Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

FAQs about Careercake: Business and Organisation edition. 

What kind of end users do you support?

We really focus on supporting Millennial and Gen Z learners in their journey into the world of work. For instance we create content for those who have just finished studying and need to get a job right through to those who have got a new job those who are new managers and then there’s those who need to re-engage their career plans.

Whether you are looking to support a graduate programme or onboarding programme, re-engage your people as part of your blended learning programme or support your end users who are entering work there’s a range of ways you can use the content.

What makes us different is our focus on Millennials and Gen Z learners. These generations face a different type of experience in the workplace compared to previous workers. They require a different type of management style because what’s important to them is, well, different. Then there’s the impact things like new technologies, the mental health discussion as well as themes such as diversity have all brought too.

Our content tackles the issues and presents ideas in such a way that the end user will feel it is more directly applicable to them by incorporating all this thinking.

Can you show certain types of content to different users?


Let’s say you want to subscribe to the entire Careercake collection which is made up of both career development and professional development titles. Now, let’s then say you want your people to watch just the latter and your customers the former. You can, from your admin area, decide who gets to see which via the category management option. You choose before the invite goes out. And if you want to switch later on that’s also possible.

I don’t want to see if my users have watched a particular title. Can I hide reporting?

Yes. We get that there are titles that your users may really want to watch but may feel unable to do so if they their boss will be able to see. So if you want to hide any watch stats we can switch this for you.

What are the different ways my users can watch the videos?

The most common (and popular) we find is to gift them access to watch it on the platform. This allows them to create an account and receive a tailored playlist of content unique to their situation. Of course they can watch the rest of the library you’ve subscribed to as well. What’s also neat about this way is that you can view the Reports section to see which titles are popular and who is the most engaged.

You may already have a learning management system such as Fuse or Looop. If this is the case you can ask for the embed codes of each video file to pop on and add as your blended programme.

I want to invite an expert to run a session. Can I?

Of course. All you need to do is check out their expert bio page and the contact details are included precisely for this. If you want to book Aimee just contact us directly and we'll send over more info. 

I've got a question about my payments.

Just pop an email over to and Abby Charles our Operations Manager will help you. 

Can I suggest a title for you to film?

AbsoLUTELY. We encourage it. We WANT to hear from you. Fire it over to and we’ll review and let you know!