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Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

FAQS about Careercake: individuals edition

How do I watch Careercake?

It’s super simple to watch Careercake’s content. Just sign up for a free 14 day trial to watch all courses within our content library. Our content includes videos on both job hunting (going for a job) and professional development (so what to do once you’re in the new job).

You’ll need to pop your card details in to watch, however, if you feel you don’t want to pay for the subscription make sure to cancel before the 14 day trial ends. Don’t worry we’ll send you an email the day before reminding you of this.

Once you’ve answered the question asking about why you’re here you can either go to the dashboard and search through all the videos or head on over to the Playlists. Under here you’ll get suggested videos unique to your situation that will help speed up your learning.

What’s the price of a Careercake subscription?

If you are signing up as an individual user (and by this we mean you are paying yourself not your boss, uni, membership body or bank for example) a monthly subscription is £19.99 a month.

You will have access for free for 14 days after which if you do not cancel your access we’ll take payment. This will give you access for a month. You can cancel at any time too. There’s no contracts here! Oh no. 

What content do you offer?

Our content can help you in a range of situations. Videos look at not only the practical skills you’d need but also other areas such as mental health diversity and topics that you may not be 100% comfortable asking others for help with.

You’ve just graduated and you’re looking for a new job
You’ve just got a new job and you want to make a great impression
You’ve just been promoted to a manager role for the first time
Your career has gone a little flat and you need to give your confidence and skills a boost
You’ve been made redundant and you need to find a job but also balance the emotions that come with this situation.

Didn’t you used to just offer job hunting info?

Yep, that’s right. What we found was that all of you lovely people were getting more confident and landing your ideal job, but once you were in work you were facing a new set of challenges.

We had members of the community contact us asking for help in different situations such as:

“I am rubbish in meetings as my confidence sucks, but I have good ideas I want to share”.
“Someone on my team has come out as LGBT. What’s appropriate to ask?”
“I’m the youngest at work; I don’t think my colleagues will take me seriously or respect me”
“I’m too scared to use the phone at work in case my boss thinks I’m not very good”
“I want to go for a promotion but I’ve got no management experience”.

You, know. Real-life stuff 😉

So we decided to create more content to help you take on, rise to and beat these hurdles.

Can I suggest a title for you to film?

AbsoLUTELY. We encourage it. We WANT to hear from you. Fire it over to and we’ll review and let you know!