How to issue a Power Pass

Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

Firstly, you will need to be logged into Careercake. 

Once you arein go to Users. This is found at the top in your navigation. 

Here you can see how many Power Passes you have and the start and end of your licence.

Manage Users.
Select this to see who you’ve issued a Power Pass to and who has activated their code. Within this you can also filter users by status and export the details.

Invite Users.
You can provide access to Careercake via a number of ways depending on your user’s needs. You can add a user manually upload users in bulk or created individual Power Passes that don’t require an email address to be uploaded at the beginning.

1) Add a user manually

Use this if you want to simply add one user. Add in their email address in the box and select which categories you want this person to be able to watch.

If you want them to have access to just career development, select this box. And vice versa for professional development. (Note career development includes job hunting videos).

If you have purchased access to just one library only one option will be shown and pre ticked.

Then to send them an invitation by email tick the box and then hit Continue.

2) Upload multiple users via CSV

If you need to upload multiple users, you can also upload a CSV file.

Use the following format in your CSV file: email, name (e.g., name)

The first column must be called email, and the second must be called name.

If you wish to allow a user to watch a particular category of content, create a third column called category and simply add in either Career Development or Professional Development.

If you want the user to see content from both categories don't create this third column.

Then to send them an invitation by email tick the box and then hit Continue.

3) How to generate an empty Power Pass

You may find that you need to issue a Power Pass but you do not have the email address to hand. Perhaps you need to give our Power Passes over the phone or when a user comes into your office.

In this case enter the number of Power Passes you want then select the categories of content you wish them to see and download the CSV with the codes in. 

E.g. Add 5 Users in > Select which category of content you want them to be able to see > download the Excel file.

Note these are unique and cannot be shared.