How to use reports

Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

How to use reports.

If you’re a business user, Careercake offers access to four reports to allow you to see how your users are engaging with the content. You will need to be logged in to access these.

These are:

  • Top videos (this tells you what they are watching)
  • Most popular time (this tells you when they are watching)
  • The average time on the site (this tells you who is the most and least engaged)
  • Top browser and device (this tells you what technology they are using to watch content). 


Using the reports.

You can filter all by date and download the results in a CSV should you wish. The reports will bed in once you’re users are active and are watching the course once you’ve issued a Power Pass.

The data you collect will give you insight into what areas your users may need help with and how engaged with the content they are. Note if you have opted to hide the reporting of particular courses this info will not be present in the reports.


Side note:

Want to see how many people have activated their Power Pass?

You'll need to see the user activity info that's held under Users. Just head on over to Users and click Manage Users. Here you'll see how many people have activated their Power Pass and their log in date.