Watching a course

Lucy Heskins <br>Marketing Director
Lucy Heskins
Marketing Director

How to watch a video

After you have logged in your dashboard will show you the entire collection of courses granted within the licence you’ve asked to see. (For example if you have requested to see both job hunting and professional development content this is where it sits. Later we’ll show you how to show your end users certain categories.

Finding a course

To find a course you’d like to watch either type a keyword into the Search Bar or brwose from the videos in your dashboard.



Courses are categorised by the following:

Power Up: Content that’s create to help users to develop and expand their skill set to a whole new level. This content is all about tangible outcomes and learnings that they can apply immediately.

Radiate: Content aimed at keeping your wellbeing and career plans fit and healthy. This content looks at areas such as wellbeing and diversity.

Elevate: Content that is aimed at inspiring and energising others to thrive and shine out. This content focuses on how you work with others.


To watch a course you will need to click the thumbnail after which you’ll be taken to the course page. In here you’ll see that you can play the video or jump straight to a certain chapter. You can also read the transcript of the course as well as look at the reviews.

Like your end user, you can also create a playlist of your own by selecting Add to Playlist.