Content Release Q2

Aimee Bateman <br> CEO and Founder
Aimee Bateman
CEO and Founder

The following videos have been added to the Careercake library: 

Course and insights titles:

Active Listening Skills 
Phone Phobia 
Building Trust and Credibility 
Being Promotable 
Developing Self Awareness 
Giving Negative Feedback Up the Chain
Answering Competency Based Questions 
Handling Difficult Conversations 
Interview Tip: The One Mile Rule
Find Your Tribe: Peer to Peer Relationships 
Recognising Burnout 

Let’s Talk: Interview Series.

This is a new series of guest interviews talking about the big issues that can impact your performance at work. 

How to be a Good Coach 
Self Care 
The Accidental Manager
Imposter Syndrome
New Leadership Principles
Assertiveness at Work