Content Due for Release Q2

Aimee Bateman <br> CEO and Founder
Aimee Bateman
CEO and Founder

We’ve just finished filming the latest set of content to add to the Careercake platform. The following titles have been filmed and are currently in the editing suite.

These are due to be released late April.

Course and insights titles:

Active Listening Skills 
Phone Phobia 
Building Trust and Credibility 
Being Promotable 
Developing Self Awareness 
Giving Negative Feedback Up the Chain
Answering Competency Based Questions 
Handling Difficult Conversations 
Interview Tip: The One Mile Rule
Find Your Tribe: Peer to Peer Relationships 
Recognising Burnout 

Let’s Talk: Interview Series.

This is a new series of guest interviews talking about the big issues that can impact your performance at work. 

How to be a Good Coach 
Self Care 
The Accidental Manager
Imposter Syndrome
Self Doubt
New Leadership Principles
Assertiveness at Work