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Employability skills online courses just for graduates.

Employability skills online courses

Let’s face it, when it comes to graduating many students be entering the market with very similar skills to hundreds – if not thousands – of other graduates.

You know they’re great and have an awesome skill set. And we know they’re great and have an awesome skill set.

They just need a little help to learn how to communicate their value to employers and prepare for the rollercoaster ride that is entering the job market.

Careercake supports employability teams and alumni communities who are seeking employability skills online courses that aren’t just factual, they’re inspiring too.

Embed our employability skills online courses to sit on your internal or alumni engagement platform and watch your engagement rates soar. 

Employability skills online courses

Off the shelf learning for those teams early on their career

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Aimee Bateman

Careercake’s not just a content provider, it’s a confidence provider. Our undergraduate viewers tell us they want job hunting advice that isn’t boring, that isn’t traditional, and that will build their confidence to send in that application. To date, 15,000 students and alumni are watching our bite-size careers videos to get one step closer to the job they really want. 


Aimee Bateman, CEO

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Maybe you’ve already got an LMS or internal platform you manage all your employee engagement projects on. That’s okay. You can license Careercake’s videos directly onto your own site.

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