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Onboarding Process Video Learning

Let’s face it, most of today's onboarding programmes now happen in a new hire’s kitchen.
Or their spare room. Or in their living room.   

Average onboarding processes have got longer. A lack of face-to-face time means you may be missing out on those little signs that a new hire needs just that little more support. Or rather, a different type of support.

Careercake’s onboarding training videos can help your people feel just that little more connected. Simply license the videos below on your own platform to help them self-drive their learning, manage their wellbeing, and keep the momentum going.

Onboarding Process Video Learning

Off the shelf learning for those teams early on their career

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Enterprise Alumni

Aimee Bateman

"Securing a new job is only half the battle; what happens when you rock up on your first day? Cue a new stage of career anxiety: making friends... fitting in. Support your people with videos that speak to them in the way they want to be spoken to, about the things that matter to them"


Aimee Bateman, CEO

How does it work?
And what do you get?

Maybe you’ve already got an LMS or internal platform you manage all your employee engagement projects on. That’s okay. You can license Careercake’s videos directly onto your own site.

  • 10 video titles
  • Embed files, including all transcripts
  • Marketing materials

The only video provider created exclusively to support users early in their career

Just a few organisations who use Careercake to power their people at all stages of the employee lifecicle

Cardiff Met

Moto Novo


Tech Nation

Sommet Education


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