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Workplace communication skills courses

Who actually teaches us how to communicate in the workplace? It’s not university, it’s colleagues. And if it’s not colleagues, it’s by making mistakes. (We’ve all been there!)

So, if your teams are working remotely – and lacking that face to face time with others – what’s their next port of call?

Careercake’s workplace communication skills courses have been created just for those early in their career and address the questions young professionals come to us with.

You can license the videos and host them on your own platform, providing your people with communications content that’s engaging, authentic, and will help speed up their learning.

Workplace communication skills courses

Off the shelf learning for those teams early on their career

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Enterprise Alumni

Aimee Bateman

Too many early professionals aren't putting themselves forward or putting their hand up, because their confidence has been knocked. You know that saying, ‘there are things you don’t know you don’t know’? We work with individuals develop their communication skills so they feel super confident in whatever they may face. 


Aimee Bateman, CEO

How does it work?
And what do you get?

Maybe you’ve already got an LMS or internal platform you manage all your employee engagement projects on. That’s okay. You can license Careercake’s videos directly onto your own site.

  • 10 video titles
  • Embed files, including all transcripts
  • Marketing materials
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