What's stopping your new manager
from feeling confident?

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You’ve just promoted one of your team to their first management role. You’re happy. They’re happy. It’s all plain sailing, right?

Very quickly, they’re going to experience a range of emotions and may feel a little out of their depth. What they don’t quite get yet is it’s not just a title bump: management requires a different skill set.

As an L&D professional, how you develop their confidence throughout the induction period is important. After all, managers have a big impact on the wider business: they define the employee experience. 

That's why we've created this kit: to give you an insight into what new managers are worried about going into the role so you can address it from day one and help them to be productive, awesome employees from the get go. 

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  • The top challenges facing new managers (in their words)
  • What they really need help with and how you can use this as part of your induction
  • Six ideas you can immediately apply to your conversations

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Careercake offers organisations, who are passionate about powering their early years talent, content that gives their people the confidence to take on and rise to the challenges they may face in their career.

The sample interviewed for this guide came from our live community of awesome learners who regularly provide us real-time feedback on what they want to watch and what they are struggling with.

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