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How well are you engaging with your people?

We surveyed Millennial learners to understand what they'd like from their employers in order to help them to be happy, productive workers.

We asked them what they find a struggle and where they feel their employers could engage with them more, particularly when it comes to learning and development.

Millennials are the people in your organisation who are 23-38 years old, and in the UK alone, make up 35% of the workforce. Businesses which fail to recognise this unique group of learners' challenges are missing out. 

Careercake has created this 20+ page guide to give you the insights to understand their needs and work out if your L&D approach is hitting the mark. 

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  • What their top concerns are in the workplace
  • The rise and impact of themes such as imposter syndrome
  • What they want from you to make sure your offering is on point


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Careercake offers organisations, who are passionate about powering their early years talent, content that gives their people the confidence to take on and rise to the challenges they may face in their career.

The sample interviewed for this guide came from our live community of awesome learners who regularly provide us real-time feedback on what they want to watch and what they are struggling with.

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