How to engage millennials in your multi-generational team

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Understanding Millennials in Today's Multi-Generational Workforce

Millennials will become the dominant part of the workforce this year. And businesses that haven’t yet set generational diversity and engagement as a key focus could risk a big upset in their teams. 

We speak to people functions who want to create great employee experiences BUT they’re busy managing the conflict between their employees.  

“Why do they need a laptop?” “Why isn’t the boss listening to me?” “That’s not the way we do things”. “You don’t need a review, we spoke last month”.

As a result, people are shying away from having difficult conversations which can impact productivity and clarity. We spoke with the Careercake community to find out what millennials want you to know when looking to engage with them throughout their journey with your business.

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  • The definitions and traits of each generation in today’s workforce
  • Key challenges millennials face in the context of the employee lifecycle 
  • Simon Sinek on millennials and how it presents itself in the workplace
  • Ways to engage your millennials in their words

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