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Hey, we're Careercake. We work with teams looking to engage their workforce through awesome on-demand learning content, on the topics that few others talk about. The result is more engaged teams who feel more confident and can upskill more quickly. 

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Your millennial employees are finding it hard to adapt to your culture, and it's causing conflict 
  • Your people are not visiting your LMS, because it’s missing content on the stuff they actually need help with
  • Your new managers are shying away from giving performance reviews because they're worried they'll rock the boat

We have a community of learners (those aged 23-38 years old) who share with us what's holding them back from making a real impact at work - whether that's during the onboarding process or making the transition as a new manager.

As a result, we've unique access to a range of insights that you can apply to your employee engagement and professional development programmes to help boost your team's confidence. 

Want to learn more? Pop your details in and we'll send you over our fact sheet to show you who we are and how we could help power your people. 

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